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Dental implants provide a wonderful solution for the replacement of missing permanent teeth.  When a tooth is lost there is a need to replace it or there will be shifting of the teeth not only in the area where the tooth is missing, but throughout that jaw and the opposite arch as well.  What keeps teeth upright is the tooth next to it.  When a neighbor tooth is removed, the teeth adjacent to the space will collapse into it.  When a tooth is removed, the opposing tooth will drop out of line into that space.  So the entire mouth shifts if the tooth is not replaced.  This shift creates a cascade of negative events which negatively affect the supporting bone and gums around adjacent teeth and also increases rates of decay in those teeth.

Traditionally, missing teeth have been restored with bridges which use the teeth adjacent to the space as supports.  This requires grinding down the teeth to cover them with crowns which hold the false tooth.  Implant placement totally leaves the adjacent teeth untouched.  Using a conventional bridge to replace the missing tooth requires that the support teeth be in solid bone and be strong teeth as well.  Teeth that have any bone loss or have a history of gum problems may not be appropriate supports.  Teeth that have had a history of root canal treatment or previous crowns may also be weaker and not strong enough to function as a bridge support.  The option of the dental implant is a godsend in these challenging situations.


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Patient is so pleased with excellent dental care that he commutes from South Florida to see Drs. Aspros and Badger

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Cosmetic Dentistry-Why you want it

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Cosmetic Dentistry

     Cosmetic Dentistry is a term that describes use of a group of procedures and materials designed to enhance the way a patient’s teeth and smile look.

     Cosmetic Dentistry as it is thought of today is relatively new.  Although dentistry has always been about trying to maintain aesthetics by saving teeth;  the ability to actually improve the appearance of someone’s smile has just recently come to the forefront.  Today’s cosmetic dentist can make most people’s smile look absolutely perfect.

     Your smile is one of the first things that someone will notice about you.  Those with a bright smile are more likely to be more self-expressive and outgoing.  A beautiful smile can feed a person’s self-confidence.  A beautiful smile makes a person’s face more attractive and makes the person appear more vibrant, energetic, happy, and inviting.  A smile encourages interpersonal interaction.  It is a natural invitation to others to approach you and befriend you.  Your smile is contagious.  Smiles encourage others to smile.  So your beautiful smile actually makes other people feel better about being with you.  And because you feel confident about your smile, you smile and laugh more.  Conversely, an unattractive dentition makes people want to hide their teeth.  They don’t laugh as much or get as close to others out of embarrassment or feelings of self-consciousness.  This causes a withdrawal from people and potential happy times.  Fortunately, today’s cosmetic dentist allows the ability to perform full mouth makeovers that can truly improve your smile and your life.  The availability of these cosmetic dental treatments are so accessible that failure to address dental cosmetic needs can have a negative effect on both social and business arenas.  Modern cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to put your best foot forward.

     Do something proactive.  Have an experienced cosmetic dentist do a smile evaluation today.

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